Residents of Gurupura plan protest meet on Dec 4

Residents of Gurupura plan protest meet on Dec 4

Urging the repair of Gurupura-Kaikamba National Highway 169 and Gurupura bridge, the Rashtriya Heddari Horata Samiti will conduct a protest meet at Gurupura-Kaikamba at 10 am on December 4.

Addressing media persons at Patrika Bhavan in the city on Wednesday, Rashtriya Heddari Horata Samiti president Sudhakar Poonja Mijar said that the road has not been widened since it was declared a national highway in 2000. "The condition of the road is bad and vehicle riders have had to cope with traffic problems every day, as the national highway is very congested. More than 50 vehicle riders have died due to road mishaps on the road in the last three months," he said.

"The committee has been submitting memorandums to the officials concerned to widen the road. Also, the elected representatives were requested to develop the road, along with repairing the Gurupura river which is on the verge of collapse. But, the pleas have fallen on deaf ears," he said, adding, "Therefore, the committee has decided to conduct a public protest."

Mijar further said that the administration has to acquire land for road widening, without succumbing to any pressure. Suitable compensation should be paid to the evacuees.

Committee vice president Abdul Hamid Pakkaladka, secretary Diwakar Shetty Todar, organising secretaries Kittanna Rai Karamogaru Gurpur and Sudarshan Shetty Permanki were present during the press meet.