Mumbai Police sends Varun Dhawan a warning on Twitter

Mumbai Police sends Varun Dhawan a warning on Twitter

Mumbai Police sends Varun Dhawan a warning on Twitter

Varun Dhawan was in for a surprise today (Thursday) when the Mumbai Police slapped him with an e-challan for flouting traffic rules.

Mid-day on Thursday had  featured two pictures of  actor Varun Dhawan and a fan  together on a busy Mumbai road.  In the first of the two pictures, she is seen taking a picture of Varun, seated in his car, from her autorikshaw.  

In the second picture, we see that her phone is now with Varun  and both of them are leaning out of their vehicles posing for a selfie on the phone.  

The caption beneath the  pictures reads, "WANT A SELFIE? LET ME DO IT FOR YOU: Varun Dhawan made this fan's day when they were stuck in traffic side by side, and he saw her try to click a picture of him. He took her phone and took the selfie himself."


What  was a rubbing-shoulders-with-the-star moment for the fan seemed  to have come back and bit Varun in the back when the Mumbai Police posted the pictures on its Twitter handle with the comment, "@Varun_dvn These adventures surely work on D silver screen but certainly not on the roads of Mumbai! U have risked ur life,ur admirer's & few others. V expect better from a responsible Mumbaikar & youth icon like U! An E-Challan is on d way 2 ur home. Next time, V will B harsher."

The comment  apparently refers to pulling such stunts in the middle of the road and to the fact that Varun did not seem to be wearing a seat belt  when he was sitting in the car.

Vaun tweeted back his apologies soon like the "responsible Mumbaikar" that he was. "My apologies 🙠Our cars weren't moving since we were at a traffic signal and I didn't want to hurt the sentiment of a fan but next time I'll keep safety in mind and won't encourage this," he said.

The Mumbai Police tweet was retweeted  over 2,900  times with the number of likes almost touching 4,000. Twitterati  praised the police for seeing everyone as equal before the law and for  setting an example.

Amused by the interaction, one Twitter user quipped, "Next time show him Main Tera Hero on the loop."