Indira Canteen to serve Ragi mudde

Indira Canteen to serve Ragi mudde

Indira Canteen to serve Ragi mudde

Ragi mudde, a traditional food largely consumed in south Karnataka, is to be served in Indira Canteens soon. Karnataka government's flagship initiative Indira Canteen is currently serving rice, sambar and curd rice as a meal for Rs 10.

Karnataka's Agriculture Minister, Krishna Byre Gowda, who is spearheading the millet movement says, "We have been discussing with BBMP to include millet-based foods, including ragi mudde in Indira canteen menu. BBMP is working on developing backend systems to implement the same".

Byre Gowda who recently launched an official website for   Organics and Millets,   feels that not just ragi mudde, but other staple foods like ragi rotti, ragi dosa, navane anna (foxtail millet rice), ragi idly and other millet-based dishes can also be included in the menu.

Gangadhara S, a Carpenter who opts for Indira Canteen for his daily lunch, feels many people will benefit from the addition of ragi mudde. He says "Ragi mudde, will be a good option as it is healthy and benefits people with diabetes."

Ragi Mudde already being served in 'Namma Appaji Canteen'

'Namma Appaji Canteen',   in Hanumanthanagar, a brainchild of JD(S) MLC and jeweller T A Sharavana is already serving ragi mudde for lunch.

"We are serving ragi mudde in 'Namma Appaji Canteen', since the day the canteen opened. We follow traditional methods in preparing ragi mudde, so people are liking it. Appaji canteen serves around 3,000 people every day", says T A Sharavana.

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(With inputs from Darshan Devaiah B P)