It's the season of vibrant colours

It's the season of vibrant colours

It's the season of vibrant colours

The nip in the air is a clear indication that a new season is upon us. Even though winter is all about dull weather and surroundings, your home can be a bright spot in your life. Make way for a winter makeover. Wondering how and where to begin? Here are some ideas.

For some warmth

Winters are all about adding some warmth to your home and carpets do that beautifully. Also, using lighting intelligently is a great way to do up your home. "The right ceiling light can do the trick to warm up a room. If a ceiling fixture is not an option, floor lamps and fairy lights are great alternatives. Deck up the table or the dresser with some fairy lights to give your home a magical touch," says Ritika Dhingra, design manager, Urban Ladder.

Keep it minimal, less is always more. This winter, declutter your home and do away with decorative items. Furniture, linen and clothes that do not reflect who you are or that you don't need can be discarded. "Add more plants to your home.Plants like money plant and spider plant give out oxygen during the day, while mother-in-law's tongue plant gives out oxygen at night. So, it is best to keep it in the bedroom," says Miniya Chatterji, founder & CEO, Sustain Labs Paris.

Ensuring that you place the furniture right is another way in which you can change the look of your home. Nibhrant Shah, CEO and founder, ISPRAVA, explains, "How warm one feels in a room depends on where you are, even though the air temperature is the same throughout. You will feel warmer if you position yourself closer to the inside of the house because the cold external walls are further away. So, try and place your furniture next to an internal wall."

Hues to choose

In this chilly season, give your home a warm and cosy look. This can be done by adding warm accents and using a darker palette. "Take advantage of colours like deep blue, which can be a good choice for your walls. One can also go for warm colours like yellow, burgundy and orange to spruce up their home with cheerful vibes. One can make good use of silk bed covers to add that dash of lavishness with comfort. Complete the bedroom look with removable light drapes over the bed. This will help you give the feel of being nestled," says Purvi Parikh, owner, Tranceforme.

A change of fabric helps you give your home a quick makeover. Knitted fabric has always been associated with winter. Use chunky knitted pillow covers and throws in red and grey to bring in colour and warmth in your decor. Reuse old sweaters by converting them into pillow covers. One way to approach home decor in winter is to imitate the landscape outside, mostly with lighter neutrals.

"Add pastel accents to this palette and you would have yourself a trendy look that is in line with the global zeitgeist. But, if you are someone with a case of winter blues, opt for a rich, jewel-toned palette with hues such as amber, ruby, emerald," advises Anuj Srivastava, CEO and co-founder, Livspace.  

The case of fabric

Fabrics such as wool, cashmere or faux-fur with simple tones will help deflect light and make your home look bright. "You can also give a makeover by blending the contemporary and traditional look by bringing home some traditional furniture but with a contemporary raw and unfurnished look.

Also, you can play with colours of the curtains. These days, reversible curtains are easily available. So, a reversible curtain can help you give a completely new look to your home. You can use a quilt or blanket as a throw on your sofa or armchair, or you can also spread one on the floor in your living room to ensure the cosiness that winter demands," says Sandesh Dhanraj, founder, Noah Interiors.

Cushion covers are an ideal way of giving your room a wintry makeover. "The ones that are made up of thick fabrics like jacquard and ikat are a must-have. While woollen pom-pom embellishments will make your space more cosy and welcoming, you can also pick cushion covers with sequins and embellishments to add an exciting element of pop in the gloomy weather. One can also go for vibrant wall art that will instantly uplift the mood of the room," says Shreyasi Pathak, stylist, Vajor.

There is no better way to begin the winter excitement at home than doing a bedroom makeover. "The bed covers can be laid simple. One can define their choice by choosing a fine-quality fabric and adding colour vibrancy to making it appear full and decorative. Another way to enhance the winter bedroom decor can be adding an extra layer of dohars," says Sonam Gupta, design head, Tangerine.

Arshi Mukri, interior design expert, Pepperfry, adds, "Infuse warm lighting and rainbow fabrics to offset the gloomy weather. Also, if you will be entertaining visitors, invest in fine dinnerware. They are great as accent pieces. Go for copper decor pieces that are trending this season. They make for a picturesque home."

Neat & tidy

During winter, a host of airborne pollen and household allergens find their way indoors causing infection and diseases. In addition to pollen, unventilated homes can breed dust mites, mould and other allergens.

"Vacuum your home regularly and get it tested by an air quality expert to determine the presence of indoor pollutants. Get rid of dust, allergens and odour - we often ignore the air we breathe indoors. Choose an air purifier that is patented with duotron technology that actively reduces the growth of viruses and bacteria in the air," says Shashank Sinha, AVP marketing, Eureka Forbes Limited.

So, this winter let your home embrace the season in all its hues.

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