Swakrushi: a win-win deal for farmers, end-consumers

Swakrushi: a win-win deal for farmers, end-consumers

Swakrushi: a win-win deal for farmers, end-consumers

In a bid to avoid farmers getting cheated by the middlemen and the retailers in the market, a Bengaluru-based techie-turned-agriculture enthusiast has come up with "Swakrushi", an initiative that provides a direct market for farmers in the commercial hub.

Nearly two thousand farmers in Nelamangala and Yadgir districts have tied up with the Swakrushi and getting the remunerative prices for their yields.

Talking to DH, a vegetable grower from Ramanagaram said, "We had never imagined that we will be meeting the common people with our yields. All these days, it was middlemen who ate away our profits. The middlemen and the retailers used to fix the prices and exploit both the farmer and the consumer. But with Swakrushi, it is win-win for both the grower and the end-consumer."

"At Swakrushi, we fix the prices for our yields. Even they have to bear the expenses like the transportation costs and vehicle maintenance among others. So, we don't mind giving them the commission, which is nothing when compared to brokerage," he added.

Swakrushi, a crowd-funding initiative, is getting a good response from the people in South Bengaluru, predominantly in JP Nagar and Rajarajeshwari Nagar. A few people are voluntarily involved in the initiative either by supporting it financially or doing the necessary footwork.

According to Srinivas Shivanand, founder of Swakrushi, the very objective of the initiative is to educate the farmers about the methods and techniques of sustained and viable farming.

He said, "There are many progressive farmers in the country, but the agrarian community is not getting the proper information about the success stories in organic and sustained farming practices. We welcome any innovative ideas in agriculture that will benefit the farmers. In India, 75% are marginal farmers. Our target was to reach them and educate them about reaping good harvests with minimum investments - money and labour."

Swakrushi gets Dal, Rice, Cotton, Groundnut, Sunflower among others from Yadgir farmers and varieties of vegetables from the farmers of Nelamangala.