In pursuit of adventure

In pursuit of adventure

In pursuit of adventure

Sandalwood actor Shraddha Srinath was first seen on the silver screen in the
Malayalam film 'Kohinoor'. In Sandalwood, she made her mark with 'U-Turn'. The actor
also received praises for her stellar performance as Ananya in the film 'Operation
Alamelamma'. In Tamil, she was part of films like 'Vikram Vedha' and 'Kaatru Veliyidai'.
Shraddha is now excited about her upcoming release 'Richie' and is busy shooting
for 'Godhra'.


If I'm not working on a weekend, then it's already a good one for me. I love having Saturdays and Sundays to myself, even if it means just staying at home and being with my family.
My idea of chilling  is not necessarily going to the spa or having an elaborate dinner at a restaurant. Spending some special time with my favourite people is all that really matters to me.

When it's about being together, my father Srinath, mother Rama, sister Sapna, brother-in-law Anil and niece Adah are all part of it. We love doing the simplest to the craziest things together. From ordering food to  eating out, we just take it easy. When we are cooking at home, we just get into the kitchen, sit on the floor and help mom by chopping the vegetables.

As a family, we love playing card games and carrom. Adah and I love playing cricket and with building blocks. I also help her to colour in her colouring books. We, as a family, love our siestas and on Saturdays one will find us all resting for a few hours.

We love shopping, even for the smallest of things. Be it buying shoes for Adah  or splurging on something big, my family strongly believes in retail therapy, which makes malls our favourite haunts.    

I also try to meet my friends, whenever I have some time. I am closest to my law college friends, Sudha, Suhaas and Prateek. I also like spending time with my theatre friends like Mohan, Deeban and Tulika.  We catch up on breakfast at places like 'Cafe Terra', 'Egg Factory' and 'Krishna Cafe' or spend time at micro-breweries like 'Communiti'.  When I have some time to spare, I indulge in baking. When I initially started baking, the attempts were quite interesting since I didn't have the right equipment. I invested in an oven and then kept on baking.

If I'm taking a break from everything else, I love baking my 'Banana walnut cake' and 'Brownies'. I love shopping for my baking items too. The whole process can be quite therapeutic.  Working out is a strict part of my routine.  Even when I am out of town,  I try to hit the gym for some time.  When I am in the city, I love company and  prefer working out  with my gym friends.  'Be fit, look fit' is a necessity for my work but working out also helps me stay focussed.      

When I  want to step  away from the concrete jungle, I  travel.
Travelling is a big part of who I am and I love maintaining the  connect with nature. Thanks to my father's transferable job, I always loved the hills. I love spending time in the wild, relaxing  in tree-houses and camping. Pondicherry, Coorg and Chikkamagalaru are some of my favourite travelling spots and each has a character of its own.    

Waterfronts and water-bodies too attract me. I love swimming and taking part in adventure activities like rappelling and white water-rafting in Manali, Dehradun and Bhutan. They give one a rush that can last for a long while.  Hiking is another favourite activity.While the view from any hill top is a bonus, the adrenaline rush can leave quite a positive vibe for days together. I also love going for long drives. Driving  along scenic locales can be quite relaxing.

In short, anything and everything that leaves me relaxed,  yet energetic, sums up my idea of a perfect weekend."