Different shades of the urban male

Different shades of the urban male

Different shades of the urban male

In this era of revelry, solo-travel and social media, the fashion conscious and accessory-loving urban male is keeping pace with the latest trends and styles. Clearly, the erstwhile terminologies that tied fashion with sexuality a.k.a metro-sexual are no longer relevant.  
A new wave of fashion builds on instincts of men wanting to express themselves differently and stand out from the mass cultures.

Independent and well-groomed men are thriving with inspiration to experiment with prints and colours. Whether a boardroom meeting or a mid-day pool party, he makes sure that his clothes helps him express himself. He is willing to take the risk of juggling with colours, prints and textures like never before.

Changing tastes

Keeping pace with the ever-changing trends in fashion, the transition of colour and prints is distinctly visible. From vibrant hues to pastels and stripes to block prints, men's fashion has seen an unexpected transition. A more conservative approach restricted to monochrome and hues of brown and grey has also seen an interesting addition with a whole wide range of grey shades thrown into the ring. And while monochrome has indulged into the world of panache and dominated the wardrobes for a long time, vivid colours and their hues sneaked their way into the latest trends and to the mindsets of those who were afraid of breaking the norms of fashion.

This transformation of how one present oneself extends well beyond the clothes they wear to the accessories they carry, the decals on their machines and even the interiors of their man-caves. The same person who pairs a bespoke suit with a quirky pair of socks is now also pairing his layered, protective riding gear with a colourful helmet or an all-over-print tee. The kaleidoscope of colours, prints and motifs are most definitely here to stay.

Life in the wild outdoors is undergoing a transformation of its own. Camouflage, which was till very recently limited to fabrics, patterns and colours only in the way the armed forces needed them is now being adapted for everyday use. From tees and jackets to headgear and helmets, even motorcycles, the camouflage has now been interpreted in varied palate of colours and prints. The rugged charm is simply difficult to rub off and is now more accessible and usable than ever before.

As is been the case for the decades till date, fashion continues to be means of expression instead of just a guideline of what is and is not acceptable to be worn. But now, more than ever before, one can see the urban male embracing the true potential of this tool.

(The author is  head, Royal Enfield Apparel & Accessories Business)