'I have a very supportive family'

'I have a very supportive family'

'I have a very supportive family'

Actor Kamna Jethmalani has just wrapped up the shooting for her Kannada film 'Garuda' and has moved on to fulfil her commitments in the Telugu film industry.

The actor had not signed anything in Kannada for want of good scripts. But now she seems to have found exactly what she was looking for in 'Garuda'.   The actor, who is more than happy to return to familiar territory wishes to take up more work in the Kannada film industry, provided the role and the subject is of some substance. In an interview, the actor about her current projects and motherhood.

 What made you accept 'Garuda'?

I play the role of a homemaker in 'Garuda'. It is a simple, family-oriented subject and for a change, I am going in for a de-glam look. I have always wanted to shed the tag of a "glamourous chick" and try something new.

What impressed you about your role?

My character has helped me get out of my comfort zone and helped push the boundaries of creativity and explore the actor in me.

How was it to act opposite Srinagar Kitty?

Apart from being a fabulous actor, I find Srinagar Kitty to be a very down-to-earth person. This is my first project with him but I didn't get nervous because Kitty did well to make me feel at ease. I also got along well with everybody on the sets.

Do you feel out of place when acting in multi-starrer projects?

I have got over that phase where I feel insecure about my myself as an actor. 'Garuda' has a large ensemble of actors and we all gelled very well. This off screen bonding helped strengthen our performance.

 How do you manage to balance your career and motherhood?

I am passionate about what I am doing, so I don't find it a strain to balance both. I have a very supportive family who encourage me to chase my dream.

 What next?

I am working on a yet-to-be titled Telugu project which is a heroine-oriented movie. It's a thriller-comedy film.