When reality strikes!

When reality strikes!

When reality strikes!

When Sandalwood's popular choreographer-turned director Imran Sardhariya decided to take up direction, he was clear that he wanted to make films that reflect reality.

He wants his projects to not only entertain people but also give them enough food for thought.

Imran likes to call his latest directorial venture, 'Uppu Huli Khara' the flavour of life. The title, he says, signifies that life will be good only if there is a balance of everything. "The flavour of life is similar to the flavour of a dish. Even if one of the ingredients exceeds its level, the dish loses its taste and flavour. Similarly, life too must have everything in the right measure. Too much of anything will spoil the essence of life," explains Imran.

He says that the project throws light on the happenings in every household. "Today, money is given more importance than human relationships. People value money more than human beings but nobody understands that money is made by human beings. If human beings don't exist, where will the money come from?" says Imran.  He points out that it is sad to see people fighting over petty things.

Imran had handpicked all the actors for this project. "Every actor has a definite purpose and aren't there just to fill the space. I have also chosen a few newcomers who will add a new feel to the project. For instance, Anushree portrays the life of a young girl who is full of life. Sharath depicts the character of a straightforward guy and Dhananjay was chosen because he is a local guy and is street smart. His role is quite like how he is in real life," explains Imran.

The character of Malashree certainly stands out in this film and Imran says that he couldn't think of anybody else who could have done justice to this role. "Malashree plays an investigating officer. I wanted someone who could crack the case well and very stylishly narrate the proceedings. She has emoted her role beautifully and managed to weave a lot of comedy into an otherwise serious subject," explains Imran.
She has handled the flow of the story very well, he adds.  

Imran is overwhelmed by the response to the film. "I was very confident about the script and the way the film was being made. I was sure that people would be able to strike a chord with the story and the characters in it," Imran signs off.