Woman from Nepal sexually assaulted in Anekal

Woman from Nepal sexually assaulted in Anekal

A 23-year-old destitute woman hailing from Nepal was gang-raped in Anekal, on the outskirts of the city, on Thursday.

The incident came to light on Saturday when a volunteer from an NGO noticed the petrified woman sitting at a bus stand in Avadadevanahalli. The volunteer put her in touch with the police.

The woman is homeless. Taking up odd jobs, she has been living in Bengaluru since 2003, a senior police officer said.

On Thursday, when she was sleeping at a bus shelter, a group of four to  five men dragged her into a dilapidated house and raped her, taking turns. They brutally assaulted her and fled when she fell unconscious.

The gang also ripped off and burnt her clothes, police said. She regained consciousness the next morning and was sitting in a daze at the bus stand. She is now being treated at a hospital in Shivajinagar.

The Anekal police have registered a case, and are awaiting medical reports.

"We have some leads. We are in the process of identifying the accused," said Amit Singh, superintendent of police.