Karnataka children's letters figure in Mann ki Baat

Karnataka children's letters figure in Mann ki Baat

Karnataka children's letters figure in Mann ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday had a word of praise for some children  from Karnataka, who had written to him on various problems the country is facing.

In  his monthly radio programme, Mann ki Baat, he said  the children were conversant with many issues. The children's letters to the  prime minister were part of a newspaper initiative.

Modi referred in particular to a child named Kirti Hegde from  Uttara Kannada, who appreciated the Digital India and Smart City schemes.

"She put forth a suggestion that we need to transform our education system, saying that present-day children do not like classroom reading - they love to know more about nature. And if we impart knowledge about nature to our children, then in the future they may prove very useful in protecting the environment," the  prime minister  said.

Modi also mentioned Reeda Nadaf from Lakshmeshwara in Gadag district, who wrote that she is the daughter of an armyman and feels proud of being so.

"Which Indian would not be proud of our soldiers? And you being a soldier's daughter should naturally take pride in that," he told her.

Irfana Begum from Kalaburagi wrote to the  prime minister that her school is 5km away from her village, so she has to start early in the morning and it gets quite late in the evening by the time she returns home.

"She says that as such she does not find time to spend with her friends and has suggested that there should be a school nearby. My countrymen, I liked this initiative taken by a newspaper that helped these letters reach me and I got an opportunity to go through these. This was a very good experience for me," he said.