PM calls on world to fight terrorism

PM calls on world to fight terrorism

PM calls on world to fight terrorism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday marked the ninth anniversary of the Mumbai terror strikes recalling the sacrifice of those who lost their lives in the attacks  and saying the world  must come together to battle terrorism.

"We salute all those brave women and men who lost their lives in the gruesome 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. Terrorism has become a global burden," Modi said in 'Mann ki Baat',  adding that India has been raising the issue of terrorism for over four decades.

"Initially, the world did not take us seriously, but now the world is realising the destructive aspects of terrorism... The world will have to join hands to eliminate terrorism," he said.

"This is the land of lord Mahavir, Buddha, Guru Nanak and Mahatma Gandhi, which has given the message of peace and non-violence... Terrorism is hell-bent on destroying humanitarian forces. Therefore, humanitarian forces, not only of India, but of the entire world will have to unite to defeat terrorism," he said.

Nine years ago, around 164 people were killed and 305 injured in  the terrorist attack which lasted over four days.

With the elections in Gujarat next month, Modi's monthly radio programme also set the tone for the BJP's election campaign.

Chai ke saath

The BJP arranged the special mass-contact programme, 'Mann ki Baat, chai ke saath', at 50,000 polling booths across the state to counter a derogatory meme by the Youth Congress, which  mocked the prime minister over his tea-selling days and his English-speaking skills.  

The programme was attended by top BJP leaders,  including Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and BJP chief Amit Shah, who  listened to  Modi's address from various booths sipping on cups of tea.

Modi is expected to visit Gujarat on November 27 and 29 and address eight rallies in Saurashtra and south Gujarat, which go to polls on December 9.

Constitution,  navy

Modi also praised the makers of India's supreme law on Constitution Day, saying  the makers of the Constitution worked hard to give its people one they would be proud of.

It was on November 26, 1949 that the Constitution of India was drafted.

With the Navy Day coming up on December 4, the  prime minister  paid tribute to the maritime armed force, saying it had "shown its prowess on various occasions after independence," and had "served humanity in times of crises."

Modi praised the Indian Navy for serving the nation with "great diligence"  and highlighted their contributions during crises.