Wind in the hair

Wind in the hair

Wind in the hair

This picture was taken in Bengaluru in 2005 in front of our house in Fraser Town.

It was taken just  before our short trip to Kodaikanal.  Seen in the picture are my uncle Saahir Musa, grandfather Musa Sait, who is no more, cousin Shahrazad Faisal, sister Dania Shahed, aunt Shenaz Faisal, father Shahed Musa and another cousin Reem Faisal.  I must have been seven years old when this picture was taken.

Short trips and picnics with the family were common  during my childhood. My father's brothers and sister lived in Saudi Arabia and Oman.

So whenever  they came down, we would make it a point to take a short trip to either Kodaikanal, Ooty or some  place in Kerala.

My first ever outing was to Goa when I was four months old and there was no looking back since.  

Family picnics would be a one-day affair.  I always looked forward to these trips and I remember that the night before any trip or picnic, I  would not be able to sleep because of the excitement.  

These trips were precious because I would get to spend time with my cousins, eat local food and  generally have fun. Even if it was just a one or two day trip, my father  and uncles would make sure that they made it a fun-filled and memorable journey.  

It was not just family outings that made my childhood memorable, I cherish the time spent at school. My school was not very far from where I lived. I enjoyed my morning walks to  school.

I attended Clarence High School and went on to complete pre-university  from CMR National PU College. I am now doing my second year BBA at St Joseph's College of  Commerce.

Some of my best friends are those that I made in school and I am still in touch with my  teachers. The morning assembly, school corridors and everything about school still excites me.

Looking back, this picture brings back a flood of memories. Today, our family trips and picnics have reduced because everybody has become busy with their own lives.

Even the  city has changed a great deal from my younger days. It has become hotter, more crowded and  chaotic. I certainly miss old Bangalore.

I now travel more often  with my friends than with family. But the excitement of going on family trips or a picnic is still  there and we plan it when all of us are relatively free. I now try to equally divide my time between  family and friends.

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