'CNC to get support for autonomous status'

'CNC to get support for autonomous status'

'CNC to get support for autonomous status'

Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy promised to extend his support to the issue of autonomous and union territory status to the Kodava land and tribal status to Kodavas.

"The support that I had extended for Telangana will be extended to the Kodavas too," he said.

He was speaking at the Codava National Council Day organised by Codava National Council here on Sunday.

"Owing to long struggle, Telangana was separated from Andhra Pradesh. Similar struggle was held in Uttarakhand. Kodagu will get autonomous status in future," he predicted.

"Kodavas are not demanding a separate country like Pakistan. They are demanding constitutional rights. The demand for separate state or a union territory is not wrong," Swamy said.

Black money

"Black money from different parts of the country is reaching Kodagu. Those who are involved in corruption are purchasing properties in Kodagu district. Former Union minister P Chidambaram, even multinational companies own properties in Kodagu," he said.

Stating that the BJP is not engaged in vote bank politics, he said that no Muslim candidate was fielded by the BJP in Uttar Pradesh. In spite of it, the BJP won the election, he pointed out.

"In the name of labourers, several illegal migrants have entered the district. They have availed of Aadhaar and ration card facilities as well," he said.

CNC president N U Nachappa was present during the ceremony.