Pravin Togadia calls for a ban on 'Padmavati' movie: Togadia

Pravin Togadia calls for a ban on 'Padmavati' movie: Togadia

Pravin Togadia calls for a ban on 'Padmavati' movie: Togadia

Vishwa Hindu Parishath (VHP) international executive president Pravin Bhai Togadia called for the elimination of Pakistan from the world map.

Delivering the keynote address at the massive Hindu Samajotsav organised as a part of the valedictory ceremony of Dharma Samsad organised by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), he said that Pakistan should be 'uprooted' as the country is attempting in all possible ways to sponsor terrorism in India.

Kashmir is an integral part of India, but considering the terrorist activities in the state, it is imperative to ensure Kashmir remains the crown of the country by eliminating terrorism in the state, he said.

Lamenting that insulting Hinduism and religious people has become fashionable, Togadia said 'The film Padmavati should be banned. It is an insult to the mothers and sisters of the country'.

He said that an appeal would be made to the central government and all other state governments to ban the screening of the film. "Padmavati is an Indian mother. She has made all her sons and daughters proud, she is the symbol of self-esteem for all Indians", the VHP leader added. He also lauded the state government which banned the screening of the movie.

He added that the only wish that all Hindus have is that they want to see Ram in the Mandir at Ayodhya. Regretting the Lord who blesses his devotees with shelter is in 'Jopadapatti' (hut), he questioned the government if the Lord should be on street even after so many years of independence.

"Gandhi topiwalas (Congress) do not understand the sentiments of the Hindus. There will be no negotiation pertaining to construction of the temple. The saints and seers are committed" he added.

He maintained that untouchability should be completely eliminated with all temples, wells and crematoria open for all Hindus. He stressed all upper class Hindus to support the Dalits and SC/ST community financially and educationally. "Every Hindu should stand up with self-respect," he added.

Pejawar seer Sri Vishwesha Theertha seer asked the Karnataka chief minister, if he the latter respects Basavanna and his preachings at all."He should immediately implement ban on cow slaughter in the state," he demanded.