'Withdraw decree on cow vigilantes'

'Withdraw decree on cow vigilantes'

'Withdraw decree on cow vigilantes'

A conclave  of Hindu seers and heads of various mutts has  urged the Union government to immediately withdraw the notification that asks states to  prepare dossiers on cow vigilantes.  

Speaking to journalists on the last day of the  Vishva Hindu Parishad's Dharma Sansad (religious parliament) here on Sunday, the VHP's international  joint  general secretary, Surendra Kumar Jain, said a resolution had been passed asking the Centre to withdraw the notification passed a few  days ago  on preparing dossiers on cow protectors (Gau Rakshaks). "We want to tell the Centre that it's not cow protectors but cattle smugglers whose dossiers should be prepared," he said.

The Dharma Samsad also passed a resolution, appealing to  the Supreme Court to widen the scope of nodal officers to check the activities of cow vigilantes. "We do not want the protection of fake cow protectors. Such imposters must be brought to book. But in the process of taming fake cow vigilantes, sincere cow protectors should not suffer. We appeal to the Supreme Court to widen the scope and area of nodal officers and include cow butchers," Jain said.  

The VHP also passed a resolution seeking  DNA testing facilities at beef export points.

"In the name of exporting buffalo meat,  cow meat is being exported. We demand that the government set up DNA testing facilities to ensure that cow meat is not exported," he added.

The organisation took exception to what it called the  trend of holding beef parties and public announcements of beef-eating.  

"There are Hindu sentiments attached to cows. Still, some people take out protest rallies holding the head of a beheaded cow and organise beef parties. It has also been noticed that some people openly declare they will eat beef. Such things annoy people and agitate the society. Such protests were also denounced in the form of a resolution," Jain said.

Another resolution demanded that the facilities given  to religious minorities should be extended to the religious majority. Because of this "discrimination", many Hindu communities want to become religious minorities to enjoy extra benefits,  Jain said in an oblique reference to the demand for declaring Lingayat a separate religion.