General Thimmaiah schools wins first place in quiz contest

General Thimmaiah schools wins first place in quiz contest

General Thimmaiah Public School has won the first place in the district-level quiz competition for High School students, in Napoklu on Tuesday. The competition was held in commemoration of Sri Rama Trust Vidyasamthe former chairman, the late Mekerirta Kariappa.

In a tough competition among five teams, in the final round, the General Thimmaiah Public School bagged Rs 10,000 cash and certificate, by winning the first prize.

Sri Ram Trust Vidyasamsthe won the second place. The team was awarded a cash prize of Rs 7,500 and certificate.

Aparna Bharadhwaj, Bhuvan M R, S Hemanth Kumar and T Adyan from General Thimmaiah Public School gathered scored 101 points in the final round. K P Subbaiah, M N Keshava, B S Amritha and P Dharitri Mahesh scored 75 points. K P Harishitha, H K Chitra, C R Purushottama and N Nagapratham from Morarji Desai Residential School, Koodige scored 66 points. G H Basavaraj, B Moniraj, H G Akshay and Mahesh N Biradar from Kodagu Sainik School scored 57 points. K D Shanuprakash, K S Chintan, M A Ajay and A S Dhanush scored 56 points.

Teams representing 23 schools from various parts of the district took part in the quiz.

Rafel International P U College Principal Muzib inaugurated the quiz competition. Sri Rama Trust Vidyasamthe Chairman Dr Jali Bopaiah, Vice President Harry Mandanna and Principal B M Sharada were present.

Ballamavati Netaji Vidyasamsthe Maths teacher C S Suresh and Emmemadu Government High School Maths teacher P R Ayyappa were the quiz masters.