Turning rain energy into electricity

Turning rain energy into electricity

Turning rain energy into electricity

And her idea is to convert rain energy into electricity. Light up one house at a time, she says.

Meet Reyhan Camalova, CEO and founder of rain energy, a startup to harvest energy from rainwater.

She is one of the names Ivanka Trump, advisor to US president Donald Trump, mentioned in her inaugural speech for innovating something extraordinarily new at a very young age.

"Reyhan...each home you light up is illuminating the world. We are all inspired by your brilliance and hard work," Ivanka said while introducing a shy Reyhan to the world.

Reyhan started working on her idea with not much capital but with lots of support from her family back in Azerbaijan.

"Actually, I got the idea from my father. In the world when people can produce solar energy then why not from rain? When it rains, billions of gallons of water is produced which has a huge potential if utilised in the right way," Reyhan told DH on the sidelines of GES.

The young entrepreneur has two brothers and she comes from a middle-class family. Her favourite subjects are chemistry, physics and mathematics.

"I am looking for investment to construct a rain energy devise. I need $ 20,000 to complete the project. I am also looking for a co-partner and I want to reach the Indian and global market," says Reyhan.

Thrilled by the encouragement she received at GES, Reyhan said she met a lot of entrepreneurs and is confident of finding an investor.

Reyhan hopes to generate 3,626 kWh of electricity a year, which is enough to light up a home.

She says rain energy reduces carbon dioxide emission to 10 g/kWh during the process of generating electricity.

This is very little when compared with the present alternative energy solutions.