Sankhya InfoTech to accelerate global growth

Sankhya InfoTech to accelerate global growth

Sankhya InfoTech to accelerate global growth

Leading provider of simulation and training solutions,  Sankhya InfoTech Limited,  on Wednesday said it is looking to rapidly expand operations in Americas and Southeast Asia markets,  besides further strengthening its presence in Europe and the MENA region.

On Wednesday, the company unveiled its strategic direction and roadmap to accelerate growth and capitalise on global market opportunities. The company also announced about the launch of an analytics and artificial  intelligence based solution that predicts specific training needs, customised for an individual.

Sankhya also announced the new Board of Directors. Bhaskar Pramanik, former chairman of Microsoft, Corporation (India), and former MD, Oracle and Sun Microsystems India; Anil Valluri, President, NetApp India & SAARC; Ravindran Govindan, Founder & Executive Chairman, Mercatus Capital Pte Ltd, have joined the team.

Bhaskar Pramanik said, "The global training and simulation market for enterprises in Aerospace and Defence is multiple billions of dollars. Training is critical for such industries because of safety, security and regulatory requirements."

The company's annual turnover in the last fiscal was Rs 161.60 crore. Over 1.5 million users across 50 global locations spread in four continents are empowered by Sankhya's innovative technology and solutions.

Demand for commercial aircraft and growth of aviation is going to double over the next decade from the current 20,000 aircraft to over 46,000 aircraft. Much of this growth will happen in Asia and the US where fleet renewals will spur demand. Besides, defence modernisation and expansion of platforms is predicted to be concentrated in Asia and Americas due to increased threats in these regions.

In order to meet the demand of modern training technology, Sankhya has established an international subsidiary in Singapore. The company has plans to significantly expand in the US to cater to North and South American markets.