Belagavi driver turns his auto into an ambulance at night

Belagavi driver turns his auto into an ambulance at night

While people usually prefer to stay away from emergency medical service, an auto driver in Belagavi rushes to the scene and ferries patients to the hospitals.

Manjunath Ningappa Pujari, who drives  an auto every day after his office hours, offers free rides to those in emergency situations.  

He can be reached at any time of the night for any kind of emergency. So far, he has saved the lives of more than 35 people.

"When I drop a patient at the hospital, I feel that I am contributing to society as the way I can, and I feel blessed to serve the needy at a critical time in their life," said Pujari.

He works as a supervisor in the maintenance department of an infrastructure and financial services company during the day. After returning from office, he drives his auto till 9 pm to support his family.

Speaking to DH Pujari said, "The idea of auto ambulance came to me after an experience.  A year ago, it took one hour for me to arrange a vehicle for a pregnant woman in my neighbourhood in the  early hours. But she  died by the time we took her to hospital. After that incident, I decided to start an initiative to offer free emergency medical ambulance  to the needy."

Pujari is now collaborating with an NGO, Ashray Foundation to reach out to more people, who are in need of emergency medical services.


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