'Watching my kinda movie'

'Watching my kinda movie'

Unlike minds: Men and women have strong preferences when it comes to movies.

It’s a known fact that the tastes of men and women are different when it comes to food and movies. And though it’s a cliche to assume that men like action movies and women romantic tear jerkers and rom-coms, it is nonetheless true.

Metrolife explored the reasons behind this taste. We found out that neither the man nor the woman like each other’s movies even though that their individual tastes aren’t any better.

Movies are like time portals that transport you to a time and place where you can lose yourself, sit back and enjoy. And it’s because of this that people sometimes watch what their natural instincts yearn for.  Women watch romantic comedies because something about the idea of watching romance and people falling in love appeals to their mind. “It’s a nice feeling to watch people get together. Also they are light comedies so I watch them at least once if not more,” says Varsha, a student. And another favourite among women is clothes and shoes. “It’s crazy but many people went and saw Kambakth Ishq to just see Kareena’s clothes,” says Tenzin, an IT professional. Heavy drama also rates high on the must see list but the reasons aren’t the same. “I think that people sometimes just watch serious cinema because it’s supposed to be intellectual. I only watch a movie for its entertainment quotient,” says Akiesh, a student.

Men have a tendency to watch movies that feature destruction because it gives them a certain high which they don’t get when watching romance. “It is more entertaining to watch a building being blown up on screen than someone falling in love,” says Rahul Nanda, an IT professional. And they wouldn’t even miss dialogues as long as there are people doing crazy stuff on screen. “I don't understand what is so funny about the dubbed chinese movies. Men watch a Kung-fu Hustle in Hindi as if it’s a work of art,” says Chandni, a professional. But there are some others who prefer high voltage drama to action movies. “I like watching family dramas and not those mindless action flicks,” says Puneet Jain, a professional.

So while mindless action and silly comedies are appealing for men, girls go bonkers looking at pretty clothes and perfectly cooked up love stories. There are some entertainers though which are aimed at the masses and have a balanced approach. For instance, the masala potboilers might not be intelligent but have something for both the sexes and that is why they are so popular. “I think one of the reasons that Akshay Kumar movies are popular is because guys like watching him shout comically and do stunts. Besides they have an additional attraction in Katrina Kaif. It’s a killer combo,” adds Akiesh.

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