AmbuPod for better medical emergency services

AmbuPod for better medical emergency services

AmbuPod for better medical emergency services

One among the top five innovative ideas presented at the GES-2017  was AmbuPod- a three-in-one three-wheeler ambulance that can be tethered to a bike or scooter and can move with ease through narrow urban streets and rough village roads in the fastest way possible.

"We have come up with an innovation that we got a patent for. It is a three-in-one, ambulance that is fully equipped with basic and advanced life support and also a mobile clinic," said Yamini Lavanian, co-founder and director of AmbuPod micro- ambulance and mobile clinic, from Pune.

Explaining how it works she said the pod when not used as an ambulance can be converted into a makeshift clinic. It has a bed and other equipment used for daily consultations.

Patients can get a diagnosis done and then get treated. For this, AmbuPod uses interface that they have created through telemedicine.

"It works as a telemedicine centre when the patients interact with the medical attendant on the ground. The attendant makes a note of all the symptoms of the patient and puts it in the app. We have all the diagnostic equipment and the results are sent to the doctor through the app. It is accessed immediately by the doctor sitting in the city who suggests medicines and the medicines are disbursed," she said.

She added that on an average 30-50 patients can be treated every day.

In case of an emergency, the pod is attached to a  two-wheeler like a motorbike and is taken to the nearest hospital. The medical attendant in the pod can give medical resuscitation while on the way.

Like any ambulance, oxygen, nebulizer and suction equipment is available inside the pod. The narrow shape of the pod helps it to traverse through rough village roads and urban narrow streets under traffic and congestion.

"One unit costs Rs 4 lakh. We are now looking for a funding of Rs 2 crore to scale up production. We are planning to take it to 50 villages.  We ideally like to start the unit in Pune but the way Telangana responded to it that we might probably start here," a beaming Yamini added.