Ooh and aah for Sachin...

Ooh and aah for Sachin...

Ooh and aah for Sachin...

Excited: People waiting to enter the stadium to watch the actionThe RCB vs Mumbai Indians match was one of the most crucial matches ever played. For a change, the support off the field was not unanimous. here were a large number of Sachin Tendulkar fans among the crowd.

“While my heart belongs to RCB, my head belongs to Mumbai Indians because we know they’re among the top teams,” said actress Jennifer Kotwal.

Chinnaswamy Stadium was packed but the enthusiasm didn’t reach the expected level. It was clearly the ‘Sachin factor’ that divided the crowd. There were roars and cheering when Sachin hit a six or a four and the disappointment was palpable when Sachin was bowled out by Kallis.

The fact that Sachin hadn’t performed up to people’s expectations left many unhappy. Then came A Rayudu, who hit sixes and fours and drove the team to a neat run rate, while challenging the RCB to get to that level.

RCB, who had won six of their seven matches batting second, performed below expectations. Their net run rate was affected to a considerable extent.
All along, there were Sachin fans wearing t-shirts carrying each letter of his name. Posters too screamed Sachin’s names.

The ‘Sachin mania’ among the audience was just too visible. There were a good number of Mumbai Indians’ fans most of whom came well dressed in Mumbai Indians’ t-shirts, trousers and caps.

But the DJ kept cheering on the RCB whose theme song was played in between. He applauded the Mumbai Indians also when they did well.The people were upbeat. Most of them had come mentally prepared for a fifty-fifty chance of RCB winning.

Mihi Joshi, a student from the US, who was holidaying in the City, said she loved the energy of the crowd, “I like it better when the crowd cheers for only one team. Here you have people hooting every time a six of a four is hit.”

Anindita, who is working with Accenture, said, “It was a nail-biting game and one of the most crucial matches I’ve ever watched. I will always support RCB, come what may.”  
N Vinay said while he was a great Sachin fan, “I am here to cheer for RCB. It’s a tough game when the master striker is on the other side. More than the match, I come to IPL for the ambience.”