Police Canine Squad enthralls visitors on the first day of international dog show

Police Canine Squad enthralls visitors on the first day of international dog show

Drona, a 3-year-old Doberman, that helps the city police sniff out narcotics, impressed the audience with his incredible obedience and dedication at the international dog show here on Friday.

The Bangalore Canine Club (BCC) is hosting the three-day show as part of the 23rd and 24th international dog show and All Breed 40th and the 41st championship. Over 568 dogs from 63 breeds are participating in the show.

The first day witnessed participation of Great Danes, Golden Retrievers, Boxers and German Shepherds from across the country proving their mettle as the best in class.

The show also included an obedience test wherein the dog obeying its owner's instructions were tested. The test featured dogs from various breeds which were tested to know their level of companionship and comfort they share with their owners.

The highlight of the first day was the Police Dog Squad featuring two Dobermans named Drona and Reva, two Labradors named Garuda and Jhonsy and two German Shepherds named Lyka and Surya.

"The Dobermans are trained to sniff out illegal drugs and track down suspects while the Labradors are used to detect explosives. They are friendly by nature especially when they have to deal with people. The German Shepherds are trained to adapt to any situation be it tracking down suspects or digging out explosives, said Assistant Sub Inspect of Police, K M Puttaswami, responsible for training the dogs.

"The hallmark of the first day is the obedience test wherein one can see how well a dog obeys the owner's instructions. The speciality breeds like Great Danes and others will further compete with other breeds," Srikanth B V, Bangalore Canine Club vice-president and a practising veterinarian said.

Tuesday will witness an all breeds show which will showcase 68 breeds from across the world.

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