Part 3: Recap of Speak Out in 2017

Part 3: Recap of Speak Out in 2017

Speak Out is much appreciated for its wit and tongue-in-cheek counterpoints. In this four-part recap, we bring to you some editors picks of our Speak Out section. We hope this will delight you as much as it delighted us to put it together. The order is purely chronological from January until now.

In August this year, DK Shivakumar faced a massive raid by the Income Tax department. The raid, lasting 4 days, unearthed over Rs. 300 crores in unaccounted income. Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah called the raids politically motivated, throwing a shade at the BJP government in the Centre.

The Gorakhpur tragedy was a widely reported incident where several people, including infants, died in the BRD college's hospital owing to lack of oxygen. Subsequent investigations revealed that oxygen supply was cut off because the hospital failed to pay the bills to their suppliers on time. Yogi Adityanath's statements came after the opposition and the media took to criticising him, who was from that constituency.

Kamal Hassan's comments on his colour "not being saffron" came after a meeting with Pinarayi Vijayan, when he was asked what his political affiliation was.

The killings of BJP and RSS workers in Kerala was, politically speaking, a pretty dark time for the communist government of the state, given that the BJP was handed a highly effective weapon to use against them. The comments of Amit Shah, however, directly blamed the CM, Pinyari Vijayan, for the murders.

The caste-based reservation has always been a touchy subject in India, but the limit imposed by the Constitution on reservation is capped at 50%, which includes reservation for all backward communities. However, this did not stop Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah from proclaiming that he would increase reservation for SCs and STs to 70% if he won the 2018 Assembly polls.


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(Compiled by Ajmal, Poornima & Varun)

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