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The Assassinations

Vikram Kapur

Speaking Tiger, 2017, Rs 299, pp 211

This book has the backdrop of the anti-Sikh riots of 1984. Prem is a Sikh and Deepa, a Hindu. The couple, just engaged, is planning a honeymoon. With the assassination of the prime minister, riots break out and Prem is caught in the vortex of hate and violence.


From Lehman to Demonetization

Tamal Bandyopadhyay

Penguin, 2017, Rs 599, pp 348

This book is a collection of essays on banking in India. It features interviews with experts like Raghuram Rajan, Arundhati Bhattacharya, and others. It covers the tumultuous period between 2007 and 2017.


The Indigo Sun

Rupa Bhullar

Rupa, 2017, Rs 295, pp 284

This book is an enchanting tale set in the deserts of Rajasthan. Maya, a young NRI, is on a transformative journey along with a young boy, Ananda, gypsy Leela, and Veer, an entrepreneur from London. Her past, present and future come together along with her mind, body and soul.


Conflicts of Interest

Sunita Narain

Penguin, 2017, Rs 599, pp 227

India's foremost environmentalist gives a personal account of her battles as part of the country's green movement. She recounts the widely reported controversies triggered by her research, and talks about the pollution in Delhi and global climate change.


Lost In Time

Namita Gokhale

Penguin, 2017, Rs 250, pp 175

Young Chintamani Dev Gupta is sent packing to the birding camp near Lake Sat Tal. Along with a gentle giant, who is a master of illusions and mind-boggling rakshahsha technology, he finds himself in the middle of the country's most enduring epic, the Mahabharata.


India Social

Ankit Lal

Hachette, 2017, Rs 299, pp 257

The author analyses the changes that have taken place in politics, culture and language through the influence of social media. He also focuses on famous movements such as #IndiaAgainstCorruption and #NetNeutrality campaigns.


The Arrangement

Sonya Lalli

Orion Books, 2017, Rs 399, pp 344

When you're 30, it's totally normal for your family to ask you when you plan to 'settle down'. Raina has a whole community waiting for her. Her grandmother is helping her pick the right husband. Raina, eager not to disappoint her family, decides to go with the plan.


The Second Anglo-Sikh War

Amarpal Singh

Harper Collins, 2017, Rs 899, pp 513

This book chronicles the second Anglo-Sikh war that culminated with the annexation of Punjab by the East India Company. The author captures the augments of the battlefield and uses eyewitness accounts to recreate the narrative.

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