Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Anniversary of Sursagar

Sursagar celebrated the 36th Varshikotsav with two music concerts - a vocal and an instrumental recital at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall last Sunday. It is a reputable Hindustani Sangeetha Sabha which organises music concerts regularly along with a music festival on its anniversary every year. It organises the series 'Living Legends and Budding Masters' besides distributing  scholarships to young aspirants.

The curtains came down on the 36th Varshikotsav with a grand vocal recital  by Vidushi Shubha Mudgal. She has been trained by Pandit Ramashraya Jha (Ramrang) and received guidance from Pandit Vinaya Chandra Mandgavya and Pandit Vasant Thukar. She is known for her Khayal, Thumri and Dadra besides pop music. She is a well-deserving recipient of several awards and titles including Padma Shri and Gold Plaque Award (Chicago International Film Festival).

Aneesh Pradhan, who accompanied Shubha Mudgal on tabla, is a disciple of Nikhil Ghosh and a versatile percussionist. He is also a recipient of Aditya Birla Kalakiran Award and Natyadarpan Award. Sudhir Nayak, who supports her on harmonium, is a disciple of Pandit Tulasidas Borkar and has accompanied stalwards of the field.

With this background, a large number of connoisseurs eagerly waited to listen to Vidushi Shubha Mudgal and she didn't disappoint them. Chayanut, the opening raga, had an arresting quality. The raga was moulded into an essay of aesthetic finesse through two compositions. The raga was further embellished with a rich variety of phrases. Shankara was as refreshing as ever. The impact was further enhanced through a Thumri and Bhajan. The vocal had an arresting quality, unhustled grace and tempered modulation, enriching the delineation. The tabla 'Saath' was not only complementary to the vocal but was also inspiring, while the harmonium was played with good understanding.

Kala Nadam

Kathak, Kuchipudi and Odissi, apart from Bharatanatyam recitals, were held  at the 18th edition of the Kala Nadam of the Nadam and the proceeds were presented to the Child Rights Trust.

Radhika Shetty, who gave the inaugural dance of the festival, is a disciple of Padmini Ramachandran of Natya Priya and has performed in India and abroad. She opened her programme with a composition of Dr M Balamuralikrishna in the raga Hamsadhwani. She performed 'Krishnashtakam' in ragamalika beautifully. She concluded with a Ashtapadi, which was again on Krishna! Of course Radhika performed with confidence and grace.

Speed and style in Kuchipudi

Six students of Reva University under the direction of Dr Vasanth Kiran presented 'Glimpses of popular compositions' in Kuchipudi, every episode completing with a 'Salam Daru'. Two young girls performed on the brass plate with ease and assurance. The Goudamalhar keerthane 'Sarasamukhi' and a thillana of Dr Vasanth Kiran came in the end. With a sparkling display of Nritha and fast movements, but little loud at times, they tried to capture the attention of the audience.

Expectations betrayed

Tribhuwan Maharaj belongs to  the  lineage of the legendary Kalka-Bindadin Gharana of Lucknow. He is the son of Pandit Jaikishan Maharaj and  the grandson of Birju Maharaj. Currently, Tribhuwan Maharaj works with the Birju Maharaj Parampara  Training Institute.  

Tribhuwan Maharaj opened his Kathak recital with a Ganesh Vandana pleasantly. It was followed by That, Amad, Paran - all with evocative footwork. In the Laksh, paran, Tihay, etc and jugalbandi with tabla. He performed with practised ease and was grammatically correct, but did not  meet the expectations of connoisseurs.

Mysore V Subramanya

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