Farmers give up paddy, turn to palm in NR Pura

Farmers give up paddy, turn to palm in NR Pura

Palm was brought to India from West Africa and today it is grown on 160 hectare area in the taluk. When compared to all other edible oil, palm is said to be providing highest yield. It starts bearing fruits within three years of planting the sapling and for a period of over 30 years, this crop bears fruits. At present, since there is wide demand for palm oil in the world market, the farmers who are growing palm are making good profits. One can grow any other crop as mixed crop along with palm.

Govt facilities

Once the grower identifies a suitable land for cultivation of the crop, the Government provides palm saplings free of cost. Subsidy is provided for fertilisers and other requirements for a period of three years. A subsidy of 75 per cent is provided for first 2 hectare of land for drip irrigation and a subsidy of 50 per cent is provided for the next 2 hectares. Another 50 per cent subsidy is provided to purchase diesel pumpsets for those farmers who grow palm on land are of over 2 hectare.

Alternate uses

The palm plant starts bearing fruits by third year of planting and by 7th year, it starts yielding in profitable quantity.

Apart from edible oil, the leaves of the tree can be spread in plantations to restore moisture of the soil.

It is also a good source of manure. Soaps, shampoos, candles, paper, ropes, coir etc are some of the other products which make use of palm tree products.

Success story

Janakiram, a progressive farmer from Shettikoppa has been growing palm for several years now. He says that in present day condition, when labour crisis is being felt strongly by the growers, palm comes as a blessing.

He says that there is comparatively lesser work for cultivating palm and there is good returns. At present, one kilogram of palm beans cost Rs 5 and the cost is expected to shoot up soon.

All in all at a situation when farmers are left high and dry due to various diseases threatening paddy, coffee and areca, Palm has come as a pal for the growers.
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