Stranded couple take wedding vows online

Stranded couple take wedding vows online

Sean Murtagh, 24, from west London, and his new wife Natalie, a 30-year-old Australian, were married at a civil wedding in Brisbane three weeks ago.

But they also planned a ceremony for family and friends in Ealing, west London.
Flying back from their home in the Queensland capital for the ceremony, however, they found themselves stuck when they changed planes in Dubai on Thursday.

But staff at their airport hotel helped them take their vows over the web.
“They have decorated the lobby of the hotel. They made us a three-tier wedding cake, set up a laptop with Skype and a projector,” Sean Murtagh said.

“It’s spellbinding the amount they have done for us.
“It’s been an incredible day. We are never going to forget it anyway.”
The groom even borrowed his smart shirt and trousers while the bride wore a dress she had in her luggage.

Caroline Black, who conducted the online ceremony from London, said: “It was just like any other wedding except the bride and groom weren’t there.”