Surgical treatment for Parkinson's

Surgical treatment for Parkinson's

The seminar also saw a workshop by Dr Andrew Parrent, a Canadian neurosurgeon and DBS practitioner. A few patients who had undergone the procedure shared their experience.
DBS is a surgical treatment, where a brain pacemaker is implanted in the brain and electrical impulses are sent to certain parts of the brain affected by the disease.

Side effects

Dr Ravi Gopal Verma, Head of Neurology, M S Ramaiah Medical College said over a period of time 25 per cent of Parkinson’s patients fail to respond to medications or develop side effects. He felt that DBS offers a lasting relief in such cases.

Parkinson's disease affects one in 300 people in India and more prevalent among people aged over 60 years.

However, Dr Varma pointed that even people as young as 25 were falling prey to the disease now.