'We've learned to go easy on your spicy food'

'We've learned to go easy on your spicy food'

Hailing from the city of Strasbourg, French rock band 'Colt Silvers' are making a mark across India with their tour to promote their new album.  As part of the 'Bonjour India Rock Tour', the rock band performed at The Humming Tree recently. 

Comprising vocalist Tristan, bass player Nicolas, guitarist Florian and drummer Julien, the members of the band produce intense indie electro-rock music inspired by pop culture.

They started gaining popularity beyond France within a year of the release of their debut album 'Night of the Living Robots' in 2009. And their latest album,'Swords', co-produced and mixed by Grammy-nominated Fab Dupont, is filled with danceable and feel-good tracks. 

Bassist Nicholas Lietaert spoke to Anila Kurian about their exciting India tour. 

It's your first trip to India. How's it going so far?

It was a surprise! Since India is so far away, we really didn't expect to come here one day. We've been to many places but this was a real surprise. 

You're here to promote your new music. Tell us more about it... 

We will be playing songs from our latest album 'Swords'. We are changing a couple of songs, depending on the mood of the night. We just decide on the spot as to what to play next.  I know this sounds random but that's how we like it, a little dangerous. The general vibe of the set is to stay the same but we mix it up depending on the city.

What's your set usually like?

We like to start very darkly, then add more upbeat grooves, switch to instrumental electro in the middle and end with upbeat numbers. Many genres and phases collide in our performance, but it seems to be working so far. 

Which has been your most special gig so far?

Playing the main stage at MIDI festival in China last year was a blast. Also, we made an unforgettable small tour in New York before recording 'Swords', which is where we got most of our inspiration. 

Have you heard any Indian music?   

No, actually we're not familiar with Indian music yet, but we are looking forward to discovering it. We have played with an Indian band in each city and they totally delivered live. The guys were nice after the show.

What have been some interesting discoveries on your trip to India?

We've had a few days off now in Puducherry after our first four gigs and finally had time to chill, visit, rent bikes, meet people - all that makes for a great experience. We've learned to go easy on your spicy food. We're looking forward to discovering more cities and more people here.

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