A home away from home

A home away from home

A few weeks after I came to the city, I was travelling to Majestic, which was then an unfamiliar place to me. Not knowing how to reach there, I asked a passerby for help. He guided me to take a certain bus. However, as I was about to get on it, he realised that it was a  wrong bus and that person came running to me to tell me that this was not the bus I had to board. I was quite surprised by the person's thoughtful gesture to a stranger like me,"  recalls a grateful Dhananjoy Chutia.

Dhananjoy, who is a staff software engineer at Spirent Communications,  says that there are more such experiences and he is extremely appreciative of them. Dhananjoy, who came to the city in 2008, relocated to Bengaluru with his family in 2015. He and his wife Kabita Dowari Chutia from Dhemaji, Assam are today blessed with two children,  Suvashini, who is five and Narayan, who is a year old. 

"Bengaluru was the first city I chose as our base because of the ample opportunities it had to offer. My wife used to work as a lecturer back in our hometown but, she had to leave her job to join me here. She is now a homemaker, which is a much bigger and responsible job," says Dhananjoy. 

The family is often seen exploring different places in and around Bengaluru as they all love to travel. Be it Nandi Hills or Mysuru, they are always on the go and spend their weekend in a fruitful way. If not travelling, the couple makes sure to take their kids out to a park or shopping mall every weekend. 

"Cooking together is another way we like to spend quality time with each other, and weekends are the best time for that. I not only help my wife in the kitchen but also try my hand at cooking sometimes. She is, of course, a better cook," he adds. 

Hailing from Assam, the couple misses their traditional food the most.
They also miss the vegetables and fruits grown in their hometown like 'ou tenga' (elephant apple), 'dhekia xaak' (fiddlehead fern) and 'robab tenga' (pomelo).

"Most of the time, we make Assamese food at home. I know to cook a few items and we manage with that. There are a few shops here that sell fish local to our region, that's how we satiate our cravings. Also, there are many Assamese restaurants in the city which we go to regularly," says Kabita.

Talking about home, Kabita says the couple misses their families, school and college friends in their hometown.   

Throwing light on the work culture here, Dhananjoy says, "People in Bengaluru are extremely professional as compared to people in Assam, who are a bit laid back. Also, there are a lot of holidays and 'bandhs' every other day which hampers the functioning of one's everyday life. Shifting to Bengaluru has been a  blessing that way."

"Our stay in the city has been an excellent one. We look forward to staying here for many more years to come," he adds.

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