'Food' for thought: Recipes and food journeys in 2017

'Food' for thought: Recipes and food journeys in 2017

At the close of the year, here are a few articles by Deccan Herald on culinary developments that are worth re-reading. 

Jowar on your platter

From fluffy jowar rotis to tangy chutneys, Dharwad is known for its distinctive food style. Divyashri Mudakavi writes expansively about the region, season-specific food, and their nutritive value in your everyday diet.

Fusion food gets local

Food is an inevitable part of any culture. A masala chai cheesecake or tandoori momos no longer seem alien. Sumptuous food with a blend of rich Indian culinary skills and a touch of western flavour and modern techniques of presentation have now become indigenous cuisine. 

Batter up!

From seeing her mother bake goodies for Christmas, to baking goodies for her son, Rubina Amalraj gets a little nostalgic. Here, she recollects how her interest developed in a recipe for spinach cheese rolls, her experimental dish.

Chip of the old block

If you stumbled across a YouTube channel called 'Yummy Treats with Yash', then I am sure you are awe-inspired by the pint-sized chef. This is a tale of nine-year-old Yash Vihaann V K, who was so enamoured with his mother's activities in the kitchen that he is now a budding chef himself.

Sweet cravings

Everyone has a tale about how their passion for cooking unfurled. From learning cooking for survival, to experimenting with different cuisines out of interest, Amrita Roy talks about her journey with food. 

Sweet talking

Any festival is incomplete without an overdose of sweets. If you want to try something new then for the next festival season, Sweet Bird’s Nest, an Arabic sweet, is something you must try.

Pepper it up

Natya Bopanna, who hails from Coorg, shares with us her experience with making chicken stew with bread, a "typical" Kerala dish she learned from her friend's mother. Natya's recipe gives a twist to chicken stew with a Kodava touch.  

Sweets from Karnataka that deserve Geographical Indication (GI)

Every Indian state is known for its native regional food. Karnataka is no exception. Claiming a GI tag simply means a feather in its cap. DH Web Desk talks about the unsung regional sweets of the state that deserve a GI tag.  

Grill it right

Explore the "foodpath" with Farrukh Aziz Ansari as she shares the recipe of delicious Afghani tangdi kabab. 

A vegetarian sojourn

Chef Thayanithy, who has tried over 200 varieties of dosa, and worked across different nations mastering variety of cuisines, shares the recipe for Palkati Kurma which will leave you drooling. 

All set for the Easter feast

For Ellen Buckler Jose, born in a family that managed a restaurant in Philadelphia, moving to India is what kindled her interest in cooking. 


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