Meet the night runners

Meet the night runners

Bengaluru is increasingly becoming a marathoner's city. With the rising fitness frenzy, more and more running events are coming up here. The 'Bengaluru Midnight Marathon' will be held on December 16 at KTPO, Whitefield and many are seeing it as a fresh challenge.

Running in the night is a brand new experience. Dr Prashant Fadnavis, a passionate runner, will be taking part in the midnight marathon for the first time. He shares excitedly, "I have taken part in many running events before. The most exciting part of this event is the fact that the marathon is happening when the sun isn't up, which means there wouldn't be much sweating." 

He adds that he will be doing a few night runs before the actual event so that he is prepared. "I believe that this event will work to our advantage. There won't be too much loss of fluid and electrolytes and there won't be much cramping. It's my first full-marathon and running at a cooler temperature will make it less taxing."   

Exploring new challenges gives  a high  to  many and the midnight marathon fits the bill, says 
Himani Verma, a software developer.

"I have done several runs in the morning and this is going to be my first one in the night. It will be exciting, daring and new. Also, this is a better way to spend the weekend than doing the usual activities like watching a movie or hanging out with friends," she says.

Himani points out that proper sleep is required for any marathon."I sleep for seven to eight
hours every day. I have been running regularly, stretching and practising yoga. Now my diet has more fruits and proteins including nuts. It's important to have early dinner if you are preparing for the run."

Himani is excited that she has registered for a 21k run this time."I wanted to increase my distance that by itself is a challenge," she adds.   

Many enthusiastic runners love running as a group and Bama Cariapa, manager (commercial) with an airline, says that this will be an interesting run.

"The camaraderie in a group develops with such activities. Working against one's body rhythm can be quite challenging. To be active exactly when one's body usually switches off will be tough," she says.  Closer to the event one should run and jog regularly and make sure to rest the day before. "We like running in a group which also ensures safety," she adds.   

Aravinda Upadhyaya, a group project manager, is a first timer too. "This is my first full marathon and I'm very excited. I have been prepping up for the event by running a 10k run every day. Once we start running, I hope that I will be able to manage the run," he says.

One also needs to have nutritious food to prepare for the event. "Fluid intake should be increased and monitored throughout the preparation process," he adds.   

For Shreyas Karnad, a coach for 'Runners 360', this event has become a  tradition. "This is my fourth time and I will be running with my group. I like participating in this marathon because it is one of the only two full marathons that happens in the city. The causes behind such runs are also very inspiring. There is also no running event in the country which starts at such a time," he says.

The challenging part of the event includes running in the cold. "Apart from resting and taking breaks through the day, one has to gear up well too. One should wear warm clothes accordingly as they could fall ill during such a run," he says. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's set those alarms already!

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