On 25th anniversary of Babri demolition, its business as usual in Ayodhya

On 25th anniversary of Babri demolition, its business as usual in Ayodhya

Braving the early morning chill, sadhus were seen walking towards the Saryu river for their daily bath.

Devotees were also seen visiting different temples and the makeshift Ram Temple for paying obeisance unmindful of the significance of the day and the interest it had generated in the national and international media.

Even the local people appeared to be completely relaxed and it seemed as if it was just another day.

"It has become a sort of ritual....the presence of security personnel in strength...police vehicles passing by with sirens blaring...we have seen it all," says 79-year-old Ram Kumar Tripathi, a resident, as he walks toward the Saryu.

The Saket Degree College was open and so were other schools and colleges.

At the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) workshop in Ayodhya, there were hardly any visitors.

At the entrance of the workshop, a board in Hindi describes the statement of a policeman Abul Barkat, who was deployed at the Babri Masjid on December 23, 1949, and the circumstances leading to the "birth" of Lord Ram at the disputed site.

A majority of the visitors are, incidentally, media personnel. Two artisans were busy carving the stones, which the VHP intends to use in temple construction.

"We are sure a Ram temple will be constructed at the place where he was born," says Savita Devi, who had come from the neighbouring Basit district.

There are many who feel that the issue is now completely "politicised".

"It has become a political issue....a solution is very difficult," says Lalji Mishra, another local resident.

Its more curiosity than anything else as far as the residents of Ayodhya are concerned.

The residents want Ayodhya's development more than anything else. Everyone has his own interests to cater to.

For the younger generation, employment and education occupy top priority.

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