'Our music caters to everyone'

'Our music caters to everyone'

They are called the 'fantastic four' and for good reason. Digital sensation 'SANAM' is a hot favourite in the music scene. With an unprecedented 3 million YouTube subscribers and sold-out shows across the globe, it is no wonder their name drives the crowds wild.

In the city to perform today at Opus in Harlur Road, the boys took time off to chat with Rajitha Menon about music and memories.   

Fans and followers in almost every country now...

Keshav Dhanraj: We found out recently that we are one of the few channels in the world that have reached almost every single country. We have followers even in countries like Iceland and Finland. When we first started out, we thought that mostly our audience will be Indian since we put out Hindi music. But our music caters to everyone. 

What makes you say that?

Keshav: Recently we did a concert in Suriname and the organisers were quite surprised with the turnout. They told us that usually, every artiste has a fixed type of crowd. But for our show, there were kids, parents and grandparents. There were Chinese, African-Americans, Indians and Pakistanis. Can't tell you why but we are grateful that this happens.   

The best part about being independent musicians...

Keshav: We grew up listening to bands. But later on, musicians were only seen as singers, and mostly Bollywood ones at that. There was no recognition of instrumentalists or the band culture. We wanted to change that. We have done songs that we enjoyed in our style and put it out whenever we felt like it. There was nobody telling us what to do.  Our strong management team is another plus factor. 

How has the scene changed over the years?

Keshav: When we started off, there was absolutely nobody listening to our music. We had to spam all our friends and ask them to watch our videos. But now there are so many bands and we feel that these changes are also because of us. Our music made us famous and that is something that we can sustain. 

Describe the sound of the band.

Sanam Puri: It's not something that can be described in words, it has to be felt. The final output sounds different to everyone. If you want to label the music, I guess it's pop rock.   

A song special to the band...

Sanam Puri: Every song is special and has reached different parts of the globe. 'Lag Ja Gale' and 'Gulabi Aankhein' have helped us to capture two different kinds of audiences.   

New projects...

Sanam Puri: We are working on a lot of singles and are planning on bringing out more originals next year.   

How do you handle the female adoration?

Venkat Subramaniyam: We are just lucky that we have got such a vast female fanbase in different age groups.  You deal with each of them differently. Some people want you to be more active on social media so we do things like live chats. When we travel, we do 'meet-and-greet's  and also spend time with the audience at shows. 

Craziest fan reaction...

Venkat: Lot of them. In countries like Mauritius, Maldives and Israel, fans come to the airport and get emotional and hand us all kinds of gifts. Mostly it is impossible to take those gifts. Then  I personally remember a show in Delhi when a girl in the audience kept asking me to take off my shiny glasses so that she could 'see my eyes better'. I took them off and kept them on my amp and then the next thing I know - she's flicked them! 

When not making music, what do you guys do?

Samar: Chilling, having fun, partying, playing games, going crazy (laughs). 

If not a band, then...

Samar: Personally, I would be a cricketer. When I was in college, I had to choose between music and cricket and I went with the former.

In a nutshell, what is the secret of your success?

Samar: Happiness. And the love we have for each other.

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