Palimaru mutt performs Bhattha Muhurtha

Palimaru mutt performs Bhattha Muhurtha

Palimaru Mutt performed 'Bhattha Muhurtha' (storage of paddy), the last ritual of the four pre-rituals performed by the seer who ascends the Paryaya Peeta.  

The ritual was held in the absence of Palimaru Mutt seer Sri Vidyadheesha Theertha Swami. The  seer is on a tour of pilgrim centres across the country.

He is ascending the throne for the second time on January 18, 2018.

Prior to Bhattha Muhurtha, the seer of Palimaru mutt who is ascending the Paryaya Peeta to take charge of the famed Sri Krishna temple administration and Sri Krishna  puja rights for two years from the outgoing Paryaya Pejawar Mutt seer Sri Vishewesha Theertha Swami, performed 'Bale Muhurtham' (planting of Banana saplings), 'Kattige Muhurtha' (storing of wood) and 'Akki Muhurtham' (storage of rice).

The preparations of the main Paryaya festival culminated with the fourth and final leg preparation of 'Bhattha Muhurtha' (storage of paddy) which was organised by chief priest Herga Vedavyasa Bhat and the Dewan of Palimaru mutt Shibaroor Vedavyasa Tantri.

All these rituals symbolise the uninterrupted food supply (Annadana) for two years of the Paryaya festival by the seer who is in-charge of the administration. Bhattha (paddy) is stored as  a cereal is available for many months and is used once the rice which was stored during 'Akki Muhurtha' gets over.

Prayers to the presiding deity 'Ramadeva' and two varieties of cereals inside the Palimaru mutt was held before taking the procession around the Car Street with 'Bhatthada Mudi', the husk bags containing paddy. The procession, led by 'Bhatthada Mudi', offered prayers to Chandramouleshwara and Anantheshwara temples before entering the Sri Krishna temple and Badagu Malige to perform the rituals.

Puja was  performed to the deities within the Krishna  temple premises. Prayers were performed to the 'Madhwavadiraja Peetha', 'Mukhyaprana', 'Subhramanya', 'Navagraha' and 'Brindavan' before entering  the temple.

'Bhatthada Mudi' was brought in a golden palanquin  in front of the temple and was taken in a procession to the 'Badagu Malige' where the rituals were performed to the paddy bags. Paddy bags were kept in 'Pattada Mancha' in 'Badagu Malige' and prayers were offered at the  specific 'Muhurtham'.

'Dana' was  given to the Dewans and other representatives of Madhwa mutt on the occasion, which marked the end of the ceremony.

The occasion also marked the informal 'Shikhara Muhurtha', wherein the 'Shikhara' made by wood was placed on the top of heaps of wood that is stored since 'Kattige Muhurtha'. The ritual was held under the guidance of Shashidhar Mestri. Besides, a symbolic 'Chappara Muhurtha' was also held.


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