Change inevitable in politics: Upendra

Kannada actor and director Upendra has said that there is a need for an optimistic view towards correcting the already corrupt political system as changes would be inevitable.

Speaking to reporters, the actor said that he would prefer reaching out to the public through various forms of media. He said that those who cannot avail the benefits, can contact their peers and gain knowledge about ways to improve the quality of politics. He added that false and fake appearances have ruined the system. He said that he needs 224 people who can come forward and work for the party 'Prajakeeya', which he has launched, hoping to alter the political scenario in the state.

He added that politicians and people's representatives should work in close quarters with voters who decide their validity as accessibility is essential. The system should change and voters should demand their rights instead of listening to politicians, he said.

He added that crores of rupees are being spent towards election expenses. It is the voters' money which is misused. He added that caste, muscle and money power is dominating sincere politics. He added that the evils should be wiped out and competition should be healthy as money power should not be misused. He added that around 30,000 people have approached him through the Prajakeeya App.

He lamented that 20% rule the 80% who are more powerful and are in fact underestimated. He reiterated that he plunged into politics only for the sake of cleaning the system and not for a hunger for power. He also added that the education system is also maligned and needs immediate attention. He lamented that AAP chief Arvind Kejrival could have used sincere politics without money with Anna Hazare on his side during those days. "Money is envisaged as only an alternative available to achieve political means. This approach should be eliminated," he said.


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