Lured to airport with sale drama, vehicle buyers ripped off online

Lured to airport with sale drama, vehicle buyers ripped off online

An online gang is baiting vehicle buyers with cheap deals, cheating them of their money, and leaving them stranded at the airport.

Dozens looking online for used cars and bikes end up at the Kempegowda international airport after losing their money, airport police said.

Surya C M, a 28-year-old bike enthusiast, saw an ad for a Royal Enfield on online trading site OLX.

The 350 cc 2014 model, which had done about 17,000 km, was on sale for Rs 90,000. A new model costs about Rs 60,000 more.

When Surya began negotiating, the price came down to just Rs 60,000.

Dilip Singh, who claimed to be the owner, said he was giving it away so cheap because he not in town, and had to pay Rs 36,700 at  the airport for parking and upkeep of the bike.

Singh then sent Surya the email ID and WhatsApp number of Jeffrie, a woman who claimed to work at the airport.

When Surya contacted Jeffrie, she sent him photos of the bike and copies of the registration and transfer certificates. Surya was convinced the deal was genuine.

When he was all set to go to the airport, Jeffrie said the bike was parked in a VVIP area and it would take her some time to process a pass for him.

She then asked Surya to transfer Rs 36,700 to a bank account, and sought his Aadhaar card and driving licence, ostensibly to process the pass.

He did as instructed, and was told to wait in front of the Alpha-3 building. He stood there for hours, but no one turned up.

Wait at terminal

Surya realised he had been conned only when he came across another man waiting around to take delivery of the same bike.

Ajay P R, a resident of Garebhavipalya near Silk Board, told Surya he was also waiting for a pass after paying Rs 36,000 online.

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