Moz & Cat

Run-of-the-mill: Baby Nivedhitha and Dileep
Think Fazil, engaging and entertaining clean cinema comes to the mind. His ‘Ente Mamattikkuttiyammakku’, ‘Manichithrathazhu’ and ‘Nokkathaa Dhoorathu Kannum Nattu’ are still etched in one’s memory. Though ‘Moz & Cat’ boasts of the Fazilian touch, the story and script do him in. The first half is filled with fun and frolic, but later the film meanders.

At the centre of ‘Moz & Cat’ is a winsome pair Moss(oz) (Dileep) B Samuel and his willing partner in con – Tessy (Baby Niveditha).

Things go haywire when the two touch base with rich lass Nandana (Ashwathy Ashok) seeking to save brother Sumesh from his drinking habit, and spoil the nefarious plot of Panackal Das.

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