'I emote with my eyes'

'I emote with my eyes'

For actor Sneha Nair, this has been an interesting year. Just a few months after the release of 'First Love', she is all excited about her latest release 'Women's Day'. In a candid conversation with Tini Sara Anien, she talks about the movie and her journey so far.

Are you excited or nervous?

I'm excited and a bit nervous! In 'First Love', I played a bubbly and glamorous character and in 'Women's Day', I am playing two characters which will be really interesting.

What is 'Women's Day' all about?

The movie is about five friends who plan a trip to celebrate 'Women's Day'. The story is a thriller and the twists and turns in the project will keep the audience on the edge of their seat.

What is it about the film that made you do it?

I got attracted to the story because I always wanted to play a traditional girl. I play a village belle as well as a modern woman in the movie. The movie has a strong story which can only be understood when one watches it. It is the right kind of project any artiste could ask for.

Thriller is a popular genre now. What will make this movie stand out?

The very fact that the story will not bore anyone. The audience will be pinned to their seats throughout the film and the songs add the entertainment factor to the movie experience.

Did you ever feel that you would be overshadowed by the other actors in the film?

Never. I only concentrated on doing justice to my role. All of us -- Saniha, Nisha, Monica, Suhana and I -- have become thick friends now. In fact, we feel like we are family. We stood by each other whenever we fell sick and played pranks with each other too.

There are many new actors in the industry. What is your biggest advantage?

I emote with my eyes and I think this is my strongest skill. I always approach
any subject with a fresh mind.

Is the Kannada film industry at an experimental stage?

I feel that there is a revolution in Kannada films now. With movies like 'UTurn' and 'Ondu Motteya Kathe', which talk about realistic stories, there is a lot
more that is being done, compared to the past. The audience wants more than

You are a model-turned-actor. Is modelling the baby steps to films?

Modelling helps one get exposure and noticed. But to be a good actor, one has to be able to perform.

As someone who just came into the industry, what are your observations?

When you're a fresh face, there are a lot of challenges that one faces. One has to continue to stay confident. It's only after you prove yourself as an actor that things become easier for you.

Any particular roles you want to try?

I am lucky to have acted in varied movies. I am playing a police officer in my next movie. I just want to continue doing different work.

How difficult was it to play a police officer?

I play a person who is stern and short-tempered. It was really difficult for me to portray the character as I am a very cool-headed person. I always keep
smiling. Even my director would start laughing when I break into laughter just before scenes were shot.

If not an actor, what would you have been?

An airhostess!

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