'We loved the Indian crowd'

'We loved the Indian crowd'

They are a true-blue rock band from the east of France and it's their love for music and friendship that formed 'Last Train'. The band has vocalist Jean-Noel Scherrer, guitarist Julien Peultier, drummer Antoine Baschung and bass player Timothee Gerard.

They won the biggest French festival for upcoming bands 'Le Printemps de Bourges' and toured across Europe with a whopping 40 shows in two months.

In association with Bonjour India Rock Tour, the members of 'Last Train' were in the city to perform at 'The Humming Tree' recently. Bassist Timothee spoke to Anila Kurian about their experience in performing here.

You toured nine cities in India. Which was your favourite city?

I would say it was the first one in Delhi. It is not easy to play because we didn't bring our stuff here; we only brought guitars and snare, so it is hard to find the sound we usually have. But anyway, it is rock n roll, plug and play, we don't care, let's play and jump everywhere!

All four of you are good friends. Are there times when you don't want to spend time with each other?

Yes, of course! We are humans after all, and sometimes it can be hard, you don't want to play or see anybody. We spend about 300 days a year together, and being on tour and in the studio is emotionally exhausting. But we've learned how to live together and respect our friend's privacy.

Sometimes when you want alone time, put some headphones and listen to music, go out for a walk or watch a movie. Besides, we also have different interests in life, movies, cooking and so on.

What's your way of brainstorming for ideas?

We are a band of four persons who try to play and create our songs. Most of the time, it's Jean-Noel, our singer and guitar player, who has an idea - a part of the song or an entire song. Then we work on it together. And because we are friends, we can feel things and we don't really have to talk about everything.

What are some of the things you explored in India?

We were playing shows back to back and we didn't have time to explore the cities we were playing at. But we got some time off in Puducherry, we rented bikes and went surfing.

Did you try Indian food?

It's really not in our French culture to eat spicy things. But we like everything we tried. Anything new can be a good experience, just like in music.

What similarities or dissimilarities have you found in the audience back home and in India?

Every audience is different, French or Indian, Japanese or German. It really depends on the city too and how we feel. But we loved the Indian crowd!

Which are some of the other countries that you want to take your music to?

Everywhere! We would love to bring our music to the entire world and live new experiences, meet people from everywhere! That's the best thing about touring and playing music.

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