'You don't need lime and salt with Tequila'

'You don't need lime and salt with Tequila'

Tequila came into our life nine years ago. She was the most fun loving furball that you could ever meet. Soon Laila joined us. Now a two--year-old, she and Tequila are thick as thieves.

So how did we choose Tequila? Our dog uncle (the owner of the puppies) had got four pups home, two cocker spaniels and two pugs. We were quite excited to see one of the pugs walk around the entire house as if it was completely drunk (if you saw how she walked) and then go to my dad's lap and fell asleep.

She got the comfort of home we thought and we found love. Because of her drunk walking style we named her Tequila - you don't need lime or salt with this one.

Coming to her favourite activities - she loves going for long walks and car rides. She sleeps for hours, eats food quickly to get her spinach chewy stick treats, plays with her toy (called 'my-toy'), meets and licks anyone who comes home, socialises with everyone during her long walks and spreads loads of love.

Two years ago we decided to get a companion for Tequila and that's when we got Laila home. Her personality, walking style, sophistication in what she does and her attitude are the key reasons for naming her Laila. Laila is extremely playful, naughty and smart.

She can differentiate between a 'hello' and high-five and gives you one too. She loves her treats and has more of those than food! Her barks can scare you away but if you pet her once, she will be your friend.

Trust me, you are better off being friends with her! She too loves sleeping on the bed - you could hold on to her and have the best sleep ever! Both Tequila and Laila are extremely sensitive. They know the happy times but become extremely concerned during the unhappy times.

They will sit by your side till things become better. Both Tequila and Laila have a huge fan following. Everyone in the locality loves their company and they make sure they spend some time with them during their evening walks.

Most Sundays are dedicated to having fun at Cubbon Park – they put on their cool T-shirts, meet new friends, run around and breathe the fresh air around them.

Everyone wants to take a photograph with them! You are greeted with the same enthusiasm each and every time you walk in through that door.

Undoubtedly, the best thing that has happened to me is having Tequila and Laila in my life.

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