The view from the top

The view from the top

Capturing  those special moments when you're travelling has become a must-do thing these days. These photographs are seen as a return ticket to a moment you once cherished.

But for many passionate photographers and travellers, the way they capture these photos is as important as the final product.  So much so that they don't mind investing in high-end gadgets like action cameras, GoPro cameras and drones.  

For IT professional Arun Kumar Kulal, travelling every weekend with his GoPro camera is a must. In fact, he's popularly known as 'GoPro man' on social media!  

"It's been a few years since I started using a GoPro camera. I found it very difficult to stop at every location, take out my DSLR, set it up, take the picture, pack it back and follow the same procedure every time I found a new spot. But with GoPro, I can click and record moments on the go," he explains.  

Apart from capturing pictures, his interest for recording moments has unexpected benefits. During one of his trips when he found a bike lying on the
road, he took to social media to identify the owner.  

He says, "I was on my way to a new place and I found a bike lying on the road. I wasn't sure if the rider was safe or not. I put up a small video of that on my YouTube channel. A week later, I got a message from a person claiming that it was his bike. He was indeed hurt and had been taken to the hospital
at the time."

With the  technology of a GoPro being updated regularly, transferring the pictures to your phone has become simpler. Jan Joseph George, a traveller and a member of the GoPro family, says, "You don't need a  computer or a USB cord to  transfer the pictures anymore. Just by using the app, I can instantly upload it to my social media pages."

And as the equipment is waterproof,  one can also take pictures underwater. "Many buy a GoPro and assume that you will get a good picture no matter what. It's important to know that locations and the way you take the picture also matter.  I recently
went to Meghalaya and the water there was so clear. I took some beautiful underwater shots. It's great if you are an athlete  but a good eye for details also makes a big difference."

Another equipment that  travellers are taking with them is a drone. It allows you to take aerial shots and show a place like you've never seen it before. However,  you aren't allowed to fly it everywhere  - depending on the place, you will need written permissions from the authorities.

Nathaniel is the chief adventure officer at '' and often packs in his drone while travelling.

He explains, "I've only used the drone about 60 to 70 times so far and the picture quality is amazing. I make sure that I take prior permission before I use it. If it is a reserved forest or a restricted area, I don't take the drone with me at all." Known as 'Garminion' on social media, Nathaniel makes sure that he doesn't disclose the places' name unless he  trusts the person who is enquiring.

"I  like visiting places that are unexplored.  And  if I tell people about every place I go to, it might become a frequently visited place. I don't want to contribute to making the place dirty. I'm happy with capturing my images with my high-quality equipment and having people admire it from their screens."

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