DH 2017- Was a healthy year for you? if not, take care of 2018

DH 2017- Was a healthy year for you? if not, take care of 2018
Health is wealth and it should be given priority always. Modern science and technology improving day by day and the result is very much reflected in the healthcare sector. However, at the same time, population explosion and the largely sedentary modern lifestyle have brought many afflictions to the fore.

2017 has its share of miseries and prosperity in the world of healthcare. Bengaluru being a metropolitan city has witnessed tremendous change and innovations in the health sector.

DH brings you few of the great news from the healthcare sector which transmuted the lives of people and transformed the industry itself.

 Shortage of nurses, beds imperils babies at Vani Vilas

Multiple babies are made to share a single bed at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the government-run Vani Vilas Hospital. Babies with congenital birth defects, asphyxia etc share NICUs.

 Channapatna toymakers regain popularity

Channapatna toymakers are now busy manufacturing a prosthetic plunger - an instrument used to insert artificial voice box into the throat of patients who have lost their voice, either because of throat cancer or other diseases.

 City's rising pollution contributing to heart attacks: doctors

The prevalence of heart attacks among drivers has led the institute to pursue a study that will involve 500 autorickshaw drivers and traffic policemen.

 Linking Aadhaar may lead to rising in HIV treatment dropouts: activists

Many of those affected by HIV in the city fear that their identity will be revealed due to linking of Aadhaar to ART. Around 16% of the three lakh HIV-affected people in the state have dropped out of the life-saving treatment provided by the government.

Health activists fear that linking of the treatment with patients' Aadhaar numbers will lead to an increase in these numbers, while officials from the disease control organisation believe that the unique identification number will help track the dropouts.

 Karnataka paradox: AIDS cases decline, but awareness is falling too

Prevalence of AIDS in Karnataka has come down, while the people's comprehensive knowledge about it has declined in the last decade. The prevalence rate for AIDS was 1.5% in 2004, which decreased to 0.36% during 2014-2015, according to the latest (2014-2015) HIV Sentinel Surveillance. The prevalence rate is calculated per lakh population.

 World AIDS day: Prevention is the best, since there is no cure

There are a lot of people in India who are still unaware of this deadly disease which does not yet have a cure. Moreover, there are misconceptions among people about the disease across the world.

The only prevention for HIV/AIDS is using protected condoms or Pre-exposure prophylaxis(PrEP). Pre-exposure prophylaxis(PrEP) is taken after realising that you have taken an HIV risk. PEP will stop the virus from becoming an infection and it should be done within 72 hours to be effective. Afterall, health is wealth and in case of HIV/AIDS prevention is the best since there is no cure.

 Karnataka accounts for more than half of nation's chikungunya cases

The number of chikungunya cases increased steadily from 2011 (1,941) to 20,700 in 2015 and then down to 15,600 in 2016. This year saw the all-time high of 25,829 cases from January till November.

 BMCRI running course for 10 years without recognition

Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI), a premier government medical college, has been running a postgraduate degree course without recognition for the past 10 years. The three-year M.ch Urology course has been running without renewal of recognition from the Medical Council of India (MCI). What a tragedy!

 Diabetes Day: Healthy lifestyle for a bright future

Diabetes during pregnancy is becoming common and there are cases where babies are born with diabetes. The study says 25% percent of women in South East Asia are affected by diabetes. Even newborns are in danger of contracting diabetes from their mothers if proper check-up and treatment is not conducted during pregnancy.

(Compiled by Dalu Jose)

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