'I know each and every street here'

'I know each and every street here'

Tamil actor Prabhu Ganesan was in the city recently. The actor who is a brand ambassador for Kalyan Jewellers, was here to launch their store in Malleswaram. The actor who is known as 'Chinna Thambi', spoke to Harini Naidu about his journey so far.  

From being an alumni of Bishop Cotton Boys' School to an actor, how has your journey been?

I grew up in Bengaluru and spent 10 years of my life here. I love the people. I know each and every street here. I used to visit Appaji's (Dr Rajkumar) home and I still do. We have a lot of friends like Vishnuvardhan, Ambareesh and others here.

Is there anything similar in you and the character of 'Chinna Thambi'?

You should ask my wife (laughs). I am the same person then and now. I think this is the reason why people shower so much love on me.

You son Vikram Prabhu has made an impact in the film field. Do you give constructive criticism to him?

Yes, when I have to. Because my father brought us up that way. I think today's children are more delicate, so you have to tell them in a sensible way. Those days, parents were strict and would ask us where we went and what we were doing? I would never speak to him that way but I would tell him like a friend. At times he would confide in me but mostly he learns by himself.

You are the son of a famous father and the father of a famous son. Have you faced any comparisons?

It is very obvious and you can't escape it. Sivaji Ganesan is a banyan tree and
I am under that shadow. I have had a tough time to reach where I am now. Now you can imagine Vikram's fate. I am sure he must be facing a real tough time, since he must deal with being Sivaji Ganesan's grandson and being my son. But I must say he is a hard worker and is making his presence felt.

Your favourite author?

I am more of a film buff  than a reader. My wife, son, brother and grandson are voracious readers.

Your perfect weekend?  

I like Bengaluru and Kodaikanal. I like my village Pollachi and love celebrating 'Pongal' with my family in Tanjavur.

What are your thoughts about your parents?

I wish my father and mother were still with us and see how happy we are today.

What is the best comment you have heard from your dad?

He once told my brother, "I never thought he will do this well. Looks like he will take care of me and I can go for an early retirement". When I heard this I cried.

Your best work till date...

I have worked in 19 movies with my father and I've learnt a lot from him.

Your favourite food?

A non-vegetarian 'Biryani'.

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