Oppose those perturbing social health: Prakash Rai

Actor Prakash Rai has called upon the people to vehemently oppose those who have been creating communal tensions to perturb social health.

He was speaking during a public meet to mark the closing ceremony of 'Samarasyada Nadige Souhardateyedege', the harmony rally organised by the Congress party at Mani in Bantwal taluk, on Tuesday.

"People are not fools. They know who are creating communal riots in the society. It is certainly condemnable to take away someone's life, but, it is even more condemnable to use the death of a person for political benefits. The objective of the harmony rally is to oppose such heinous acts. Everyone should oppose those who create tensions in the society either in the name of commune or Gods. Also, we should question our political leaders," Rai said.

"Many people ask me why I am not involved in my business as an artiste. But, I would say that artistes too have a responsibility to raise their voices against the injustice in the society," he insisted.

'Variety needed'

Rai further stated, "A forest will not become a forest if it has similar kind of trees. Similarly, a society is with variety of people.We have to live amidst the differences of opinion. But, none has the right to kill a person only because his or her opinion differs from the rest. No religion preaches to kill. If it does so, it is not a religion."

Presiding over the programme, District In-charge Minister B Ramanath Rai said that all of us need to stay united to fight the anti-social elements and thereby preserve social harmony.

He, meanwhile, condemned the acts of deceit in the name of fortitude and patriotism.

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