Scientists develop simple machine to clear weed

The simple and stylish weeding machine at Ulsoor lake has left many onlookers awestruck. The machine is more so unique as it uses the engine of the outdated, yet popular Maruti- 800 car.

The scientists from National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), civilian aerospace R&D laboratory have designed this weed cutting machine called airboat over the past three months. They are now testing it at the MEG side of Ulsoor Lake.

S Selvarajan, chief scientist from NAL said that the defence officials cooperated and gave a testing space. The machine landed at the lake in September and since then the weeds have been regularly cleared. The operations were not hampered during rainy days also.

The team states that the machine can be used to clear weeds in other lakes also, including Bellandur and Varthur, but the safety of the machines is important. At the MEG centre, the guards take care of the machine.

Apart from clearing weeds, the machine can also clear floating waste. The machine can also be used as weed cutter and to transport people in marshy terrain.

The scientists assert that it is a unique invention and are ready to even modify it to suit other demands.

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