Fire in coal depot at RTPS: Conveyor belts gutted

Fire in coal depot at RTPS: Conveyor belts gutted

Coal supply from the Combined Heat and Power Plant-1 (CHP-1) to the three units came to standstill due to the damage caused by the fire.

However, the generation has not been affected so far as coal is being fed from CHP-2, according to the sources in the RTPS.

It is said that large-scale damage could have been averted had the fire force unit of the Karnataka Power Corporation (KPC), stationed at the plant, was well-prepared.

Delay in dousing fire

At first, there was no water in fire tenders and when they came to the spot after filling water, the personnel had not brought the hand pipes, thus causing delay in dousing the flames.

Senior officials reportedly turned up at the spot by 7 in the morning while the fire occured at 3 in the early morning hours. The technical staff of the RTPS and experts from Bellary have taken up the repairs from Monday noon.

Low quality coal

Poor quality coal is said to be the reason for the fire. Ordinary coal is more susceptible to fire compared to washed coal, particularly in the heat of the summer.

Senior workers at the coal depot are said to have brought this fact to the notice of the higher authorities, but to no avail.

The workers assert that there could be no other reason for fire except the low quality coal.

However, senior officials Lakshman Kabade and Chief Executive Officer Nagaraj were not available for comments.