'I have a long way to go'

'I have a long way to go'

Abhijna Bhat is  on a roll these days. After debuting with 'College Kumara' recently,  the young lass is excited about her role  as Nayana in Ashwin Rao Pallakki's 'Curious Cases of Yedebadita'. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she sheds light on the world of movies.  

How did you get interested in acting?

I was never attracted to the show business. It was  my  father who inspired me to act. I think he wanted to get into films himself but was never able to, so he encouraged me. I was  into theatre and my father always  found me capable of making it big in the film industry.

How did 'College Kumara' happen?

I had acted in a serial called 'Niharika' and was lending my voice to another serial, when the director of 'College Kumar'  started looking for a fresh face. The producer of the serial  suggested my name and then it all fell together.  

From a cameo in 'College Kumar' to lead role in  'Curious Cases...' How does it feel?

On the first day of shoot, I didn't even know where to sit or stand or how to greet people. I am much more confident now but I do still feel lost sometimes. I have a long way to go. Thankfully, I am on  Ashwin's sets now. I met him on the sets of 'College Kumara'. He is one of the coolest people. He treats everyone with respect; there are no big or small artistes for him.  

What  attracted you to 'Curious Cases of Yedebadita'?

It was my role and the film's script which got my attention. I will be playing Nayana, a bubbly and bold person. I am not scared to say things to someone's face.

Have you faced any discrimination as a newbie in the industry?

From stereotypical comments to constructive feedback, I have seen  it all. I've tried to take the positive lessons from everything and let go off the negativity.  

What are your biggest strengths?

I don't compare myself to anyone. Everyone has their own positive and negative traits. Comparing myself to others is unfair. I do have some strong points -- I  have strong dancing skills, I am a dedicated person and have a sparkling smile.  

Things you feel you need to work on...

I need to emote more subtly. Acting in theatre is more dramatic so I am working on that now.

If not an actor...

An airhostess! I would still love to be one.

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